Startup Series 002 : Postello

Our 2nd guest is Alex, CEO and CO-founder of Postello. Have you ever hoped that someone can write the best social media post for your business? Then, this is the guys you are looking for.

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Alex Voloshyn

About Postello
Postello generates text and images using machine learning for your social media. Before I started Postello, I was co-founder of a lead generation and outbound sales company in the U.S. I met my team in an international acceleration program in Ukraine at the end of July 2,020, and started working together from August 2020. Now we have developers, some guys who help us with corporate lawyers.
Funding Status & Mid-term goal
Before I talk about the plan, I need to talk about some achievements. After 1 or 2 months of its launch, we received the money from Ukrainian government. It's a non-equity grant from Ukrainian startup fund, which is supported by the Ministry of Finance in Ukraine. We won in an acceleration program as well. So for now, our strategy is to keep the company running with Ukrainian startup fund. I signed up for an Ukrainian Startup Fund. They will spend 10,000 dollars on education for us. After this, in one month, we will send a new application to the next grant. After that round, we will try to attract the investment money because we don't want to do bootstrapping. Approximately 2-3 months, we will look for external investment.
As for global expansion, first of all, it's the United States. It will be the first market we will join. After that, Spanish market. I saw some interesting numbers, 300,000,000 people speaking in English online per day. There are many books and articles in English.
OMAKE : Founder's Story
What is the important skill set as a founder?
When I try to pitch, I always think that I will win. If you are thinking that you will fail, it will. I always think that our startup is a unicorn, you know? I think that keeping this winning mindset is very important. I consulted many people in Ukraine. Some guy came to me and asked about pitching or Ukraine start up etc. He says that it's so difficult to get funding in Ukraine. It's so many papers, or the process is so long. I told him that I cannot help you with this because if he doesn’t trust in his business or himself, it won't turn out well.
Why did you choose to be the founder?
I had one job in my life for three weeks. I realised that I want to work on my own schedule. The second reason is because I like to create something new and make it bigger.


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Natsuko Mitsugi

Pivot Tokyo
Co-founder of Pivot Tokyo, the hub for CxO and startups based in Tokyo, Japan. She is also a co-founder of early childhood education school, GKCors.



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