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A/B testing isn’t a new market, but it is still important for companies to look at. We interviewed, a company providing A.I. driven A/B testing service. How do they differentiate themselves from other big competitors?

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Franco Gobbo

Co-founder & COO |
We offer A/B testing with AI service. We found that only a few companies around the world are doing A/B testing. This is mostly because of how difficult and time consuming this practice can get. A/B testing your landing page is crucial to increase your campaigns performance. We figured out a way to simplify, speed up and automate the A/B testing process for landing pages. By taking all the pain points this practice has and matchmaking and matching them up with AI based solutions.
A/B testing itself isn’t new. There are so many competitors around. Who are your competitors and what is your strength?
Yes, it's not a new market, and the competitors are pretty strong. You have, for example, Google and other big ones. We had to find a way to initiate ourselves and find those needs and those problems that weren't answered by the tools that were on the market. Our main difference and our value proposition relies on the use of make any testing much easier and better. Let's say you are a digital marketing agency that has hundreds upon hundreds of landing pages to optimize. If you're doing it with Google Optimize, for example, it will take a lot of time and you have to have a team dedicated to do all those A/B testing. If you are with us, you can do bulk A/B testing easily. It will take like 10 minutes to set up an A/B test campaign.
Mid-term goal and Global Expansion
Our main objective right now is to keep developing the tool to make it more complete for the users. We are also open to investors and have been talking with them. Some are really interested in it. In terms of team size, we are three right now, so we would like to get to 10. Being a software as a service gives us the freedom to to get to every market, so definitely we are looking at global. We will focus on the United States, UK, and personally, I really like the Japanese market. I see a lot of potential there.
OMAKE : Founder's Story
Why Startup?
I think it is something that is generational. I get bored of doing the same thing every day, but with the startup, I always get new things to do. Every day is different, and it's something very exciting. You never know where you're going to get. That's why I started this journey.
What are the important things to have as a startup founder?
The first one will accept being wrong. The other thing is frustration management. Startup life, especially at the start can be frustrating because you need to do a lot of work with a limited number of people. For the third one, Understanding how to use the network. With the power of the internet, you can connect with people all around the world. You can talk to people who have a lot of experience in different topics and have been where you are at now.


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At just 22 years old, he is the COO of a startup. he thought about working for a large organization, but he wanted to be in a different environment every day instead of a routine one. When I interview people in startup field, I found out a lot not only about the service, but also about the way they work and career choice.

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Natsuko Mitsugi

Pivot Tokyo
Co-founder of Pivot Tokyo, the hub for CxO and startups based in Tokyo, Japan. She has experience of organizing and hosting global conference in Japan. She is also a co-founder of early childhood education school, GKCors.



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