Startup Series 006 : 13Chats

How can you keep a potential customer who visits your website? Chat widget is one of the ways to do that. 13Chats, a Ukraine based startup, shares their future plan and how you can communicate with your customers.

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Nick Ageyev

13Chats | Head of Customer Success
About 13Chats
We provide marketing automation tools, a live chat solution on the website with trigger based messages that pop up based on user behavior on the website with an integration to Facebook chatbots. We are currently working on integrating with WhatsApp and telegram to combine all the messengers and more platforms in one service.
Mid-term and Global Expansion
We are a part of the holdings corporation. We are self-funded, so we are not looking for investors for now. In the future, we might. We're growing really fast. Each month, we have five to seven new employees joining us.

We are focusing on the Ukraine market, Eastern European countries, Russia, Kazakhstan because our main company operates in this area, so they are helping us. Now I'm in charge of expanding to European market, and the U.S. markets as well. I'm looking for opportunities to make partnerships with different marketing agencies in the U.S. now.
How are you different from others?
First of all, we're not only providing your supply chain solution, but we are also providing different token based messages based on user behavior on the website. For example, a person needs to stay on your website for like 20 seconds, we send them a call to action message to contact our support team. Then, they can communicate. This is one advantage. Another advantage is that we try to combine messengers with live chat and the website. If they are not comfortable communicating there, they can go to Facebook. It's important for customer support because they can always look at what kind of things they already discussed with representatives so they can provide the best customer support for them.
Founder's Story
Why did you choose working at a startup?
For me, it's more interesting to bring some value to the company because when you come into the big company, you already know that all the processes are working fine. you will be just working at the standard set. However, here at a startup, you have to think out of the box to understand what ways will work the best for your company. As I'm working, I am sometimes a sales person, other times the head of customer support. I'm trying a lot of new things all at once.


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