Startup Series 007 : 4comfortshoes

If you are a woman, or actually even a man, you probably had a challenge of finding a pair of shoes perfectly fit to your feet. There is some tech available. Here we have 4comfortshoes founded by 2 females who wanted to solve the problem in the shoe industry.

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Oksana Savytska (Founder, CEO ) / Halyna Oriekhovska (Co-founder, Head of product)

About 4Confortshoes
Firstly, the biggest problem in the footwear industry is returns. The main reason for the return is sizing. The sizing system is outdated because it was invented more than 200 years ago manually. The other thing is that the foot industry doesn't use personalization for each customer much. Our service can solve these problems. It generates data points from fit measurements for brands, retailers and manufacturers to enable more personalization, shopping experience.

Our service creates a 3D scan over buyers' feet via a smartphone. Then we process the data and the data we got according to the photo, and calculate seven measurements or the buyers feed. After that, we made those measurements with the manufacturer's data to calculate the perfect fit for the customer.
Market Share and Expansion Plan
The global footwear market is a multi billion industry. Online sales have been growing steadily from 2017. However, COVID-19 changed the dynamic. The growth of online sales in April 2020 was almost 30% higher than a year before. By 2024 37% of footwear sales will transition to online.

In 2022. We're planning the market expansion and also begin to develop a platform with a new API and a new IP scanning algorithm.
About Competitors
We found about five competitors, but they use 3D models of feet or and shoes, but it's very narrow in data perspective. The other ones use only two parameters like foot lens and, and foot width, and nothing else. Ours uses the 7 parameters but uses only smartphones.
OMAKE : Founder's Story
Why did you start this company?
About a year and a half ago, me and my daughter were shopping for shoes. We spent a day trying to find a comfortable fit. But we found nothing. And in the evening, I decided that maybe someone invented something to buy shoes online. And I didn't find any useful solution. So we developed a proof of concept with our developers.
What is an important mindset as a founder?
I think the most important thing is never give up. We all understand that a startup wouldn't succeed in the first months or years and you need to work hard to get any result and sometimes it's not very successful. But if you don't give up everything will be a success.


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