Hisami Ohshiba

JaM Japan Marketing LLC

Based in the San Francisco/Bay Area, JaM is a US-Japan marketing and business consultancy. Following a 16-year career at Dentsu Young & Rubicam in Japan, Hisami moved to the US, and then established JaM in 1998. JaM focuses on product development, consumer and product research, as well as development and execution of marketing strategies in the global market, primarily for Japanese companies.  Since 2010, Hisami made five appearances as speaker, panelist, and moderator at ad:tech san francisco and tokyo, while serving on the advisory board for ad:tech tokyo. She is a prolific writer and speaker for the Japanese audience, noted for her cross-cultural perspectives, and is highly regarded for her insights from both a marketer’s and consumer’s viewpoints. She authored two books in Japanese, “It’s An Adventure — Hisami Lives America,” and “The Presidential Elections in the YouTube Era – Documenting 700 Days of the Obama Campaign.”



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